Wooden Shoes Old Traditions Now In Fashion


Wooden shoes or clogs are the symbol of the Netherlands. It is a type of footwear which is completely or made in part from wood. They are used in worldwide although the form may differ by culture, but within the culture their forms remain unchanged for centuries. In heavy labor traditional clogs were worn because they remain use as protective worn in agriculture in some mines and factories. Although they are negatively associated with the cheap and fairy tale footwear of the working class and the farmers although some types of the wooden shoes are considers as the fashion wear today such as Japanese geta or Swedish clogs. For different styles of dance wooden shoes are used.wood walk by paul coudamy coudamyIn the wooden shoes there are three main varieties. Over shoes, wooden soled and the wooden upper. Wooden soled shoes used wood for the sole only. They come with varieties of uppers. Like complete uppers which are made from leather such as English clogs, Open sandal type fitting and the toe peg styles. Over shoes are the wooden soles with straps design to worn over footwear for protection which is commonly known as pattens. This style is not used any more.

Wooden upper clogs are made of solid wood to make a combined lower and upper. There are two main varieties can be seen such as whole foot clogs and half open clogs. In the half open clogs the wooden upper extends over the toes or slightly further such as Italian zoccolo in the whole foot clogs the wooden upper covers the whole of the foot near the ankle. This is also known as wooden shoes. It gives you protection.Tal Weinreb Hang It Wooden ShoesIt keeps your feet safe, dry and wearing them you considered to be healthy. The European Union gave the clog a CE mark. Now currently 25 traditional clog makers like to display the profession of clog making. There is only group of people who enjoy to wear just you can say tourists. Today mostly wooden shoes are sold to tourists from all over the world that want to bring home a typically Dutch souvenir.

unique wooden shoeUnique wooden shoes.Klomp Veter wooden

Pedro Lourenco Shoe wooden sole  Beautiful unique sandal with wooden soles.traditional wooden shoe  wooden shoes oldWooden shoes with old traditional design.

wooden shoes

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