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Yoga clothing has to be soft and comfy at every single moment. We all know that yoga is for most people way of life. It is everyday practice and discipline at same time. It’s origins come prom India. Their gurus intruduced it to west people in late 19th century.

yoga clothes - aurorae yoga top
Aurorae Yoga “The Ultimate”” Top

Yoga top has to be soft so it doesn’t irritate skin during workout. It has to be breathable, moisture wicking and durable material so it doesn’t loose shape after daily use.

yoga pants in yoga clothing
Cotton Spandex Pants

When you search for pants, think about Yoga spandex Pants. They are great for yoga and everyday use.  Spandex cotton is very durable, soft and breathable. Thickness of pants should me somewhere in the middle. Neither too heavy nor too thin. They should retain original shape after washing.

yoga mat in yoga clothes
Yoga Mat

You can have all your Yoga clothes but one key item is mat. I like thicker yoga mats because they feel a lot better when you practice and they don’t cost a lot more. MY favorite is Yes4All mat. It comes with 2 year warranty so if you feel it is not for you, you can return it. It has ribbed surface on one side with a smooth surface on the other. The non-slip surface grips the floor to prevent injuries. It also clean very easily.

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